WCL Values


Our work is women’s leadership.

We exist to help women realize their full leadership potential. We invest our time, experience and commitment to inspire women to be authentic leaders who positively impact their organizations, and we are passionate partners to every organization seeking gender equality.



We have no pretense.

We existed before it was fashionable to focus on women’s leadership. It’s in our DNA to look critically at relevant issues and offer a platform to openly explore them in a productive manner. We are honest, trustworthy, supportive, and non-judgmental. We respect our community, and value time, ease of access, comfort, and individual learning styles; everything that allows us to connect in meaningful ways.



We are welcoming.

We celebrate the diversity of women; their similarities and differences, and we believe there is room for all of us. We strive to attract speakers, audiences and board members who are representative of the world we live in. We embrace diversity of thought so that we may view our work and world more broadly. We promote a ”public spirit” and community in all we do, face to face or on-line.



We have an insatiable appetite for growth.

We believe in the life-long pursuit of knowledge, skills and competencies to apply to personal, civic, social and career leadership. We have the courage to stretch, the initiative to reach, the confidence to raise our hand and the fearlessness to be forward-looking. We are on a journey of self-improvement and professional growth.