Devin Rottiers

From organizing community garage sales for toys at age 10 and starting her own babysitting business at age 13, Devin was born with a knack for business and has been motivated by continuous improvement. Devin held a variety of retail management/buying roles while completing a Bachelor’s of Science in Market Research and Merchandising Management from Oregon State University. After 6 years in the retail industry, she completed her MBA from Willamette University and took a job in finance at Intel. While at Intel, she held finance positions in Technology Development/Manufacturing, Healthcare Procurement/Benefits Design, and IT Strategic Sourcing. Most recently she has made a career transition to Intel’s marketing organization, where she is honing in on her passions of market research and influencing corporate strategy. She enjoys exercise, cooking/eating, reading, outdoor activities, meeting new people and being with friends and family.


  • Strategic Decision Making/Risk Management
  • Influencing
  • Negotiations
  • Market Research/Market Sizing
  • Finance