Kelli Gizzi

Kelli has worked in the computer and telecommunications industries for over 20 years in Information Technology, Software and Services, Sales and Marketing, Server Products, and Emerging Markets Groups. Kelli’s core expertise is in strategic alliances, working with business partners on shared technical or sales goals. Kelli’s latest twist on her alliance-building skills is applying social media to business and building on-line professional communities.

As the former Web and Social Media Director for WCL, Kelli will share information relevant to WCL, leadership and foster networking and connections among the community of women.

Currently Kelli is the Social Media and Community Manager for IT@Intel. She owns the holistic and global IT@Intel social media strategy to amplify the voice of Intel IT.  She recruits, trains and coaches Intel IT experts to collaborate and share their expertise in social forums. The IT social media strategy supports the ultimate goal of sharing Intel IT best practices with IT organizations to strengthen the business value of IT.

Prior to Kelli’s career at Intel, she worked for Motorola, Inc. in Chicago and SE Asia. Kelli is a people person, likes learning new things and has an optimistic outlook.  She believes that through networking, mentoring and sharing, women can develop leadership skills in whatever they do. Outside of her work, Kelli is involved in Citizens for Better Schools in Southwest Washington, where she resides. Kelli loves kayaking, walking her two dogs and spending time with her daughter and husband. Kelli holds a BS in Electrical Engineering.

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