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The Pressure of Perfect

  • Vestas 1417 Northwest Everett Street Portland, OR, 97209 United States (map)

Is perfectionism the enemy of progress? A quote often attributed to Winston Churchill has long defined success as the ability to stumble from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm. Today, however, it seems that this respect for resilience has given way to a desire for perfection.

Women (and men) of all ages struggle to project accomplishment, and over the last 30 years, researchers have observed a dramatic surge in perfectionism. Unfortunately, this begins at an early age and follows us through our career. Rachel Simmons wrote in the Washington Post that there is a 33 percent spike in the kind of perfectionism where teens feel they must be perfect to win approval from others. This desire for perfectionism goes hand in hand with the anxiety epidemic. We will delve into what causes perfectionism and what we can do about it. We’ll discuss the tools we can implement for ourselves as well as the next generation of leaders so we all can be more resilient, brave and daring as we chart our paths forward.

Join Kirsten Jones, Peak Performance coach, speaker and author, and our panel experts: Ushirika V. Johnson, MA, NCC, LPC, CDWF, Licensed Professional Counselor, owner of Hearts Made Whole Counseling and a certified Daring Way facilitator based on the research of Brené Brown; Julia Marrocco, Executive Coach and Certified Behavioral Analyst; and Kathleen Hicks, LCSW and counselor at St. Mary’s Academy.

Kirsten Jones is an author, coach and motivational speaker who lives in Los Angeles, California. She helps entrepreneurs, leaders and athletes align their mission with their vision and values to get what they want in life. Her passion for sport was nurtured at The College of William and Mary, where she was inducted into the Hall of Fame, and at Nike, where she trained and mentored product executives from across the globe. She is the co-host of the #RaisingAthletes Podcast on iTunes, where she speaks about the challenges of raising not only strong athletes but also (and more importantly) extraordinary people.