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5 Steps to Nail your Elevator Speech

How do you answer the question, “What do you do?” Everyone, especially leaders, needs a great introduction. Most people have dozens of opportunities each month to introduce themselves, and the so-called “elevator speech” is the first step in building relationships and forming alliances and collaborations — elements that any leader needs to succeed.

Join WCL and public speaking coach Gigi Rosenberg to learn how to write and deliver your outstanding 60-second introduction. Come prepared to practice and learn how a good elevator speech can help you build and connect with your audience. Gigi will walk attendees through a step-by-step process to create and finesse a powerful personal elevator speech.

You’ll leave this interactive workshop with a workable speech and practical tips for delivering it with presence. You’ll learn how to:

Hone your message.

Deliver it with authenticity.

Practice it wherever you go.

 Gigi is a public speaking coach who works with executives, nonprofit leaders and ambitious artists. Her goal as a public speaking coach is to help leaders connect with their audiences with clarity, authenticity and warmth. Her writing has been published by Psychology Today, Random House and The Oregonian. With a background in storytelling, corporate communications and theater, she has been a guest commentator on Oregon Public Radio and has performed her monologues off-Broadway and at Seattle's On the Boards. For details, visit