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WCL Breakfast: Genius Strategies To Navigate The Next Level

You’ve had that early career success and it tastes sweet! Maybe now you’ve moved to the next level and you’re finding quite a different landscape. You wouldn’t be alone.

Research shows organizations run by women outperform those run by men. But the drop out rate for women from entry level to Executive Suite is precipitous. What’s happening?

The truth is, as you move up, it’s not about keeping your head down and working hard anymore. Success comes from a different, more complex place. It demands a savvier approach, cultivation of new behaviors, and unlearning a whole lot of bad habits.

Join us on May 28 as we explore how to break your own glass ceiling, and navigate the next level while keeping your authentic self in tact.

We’ll investigate the Genius Strategies to develop new perspective that will help you:

  • Create the Lens: Lose the addiction to what others think and develop the mindsets that allow you to embrace success.
  • Develop the Dialogue: Stop the self-sabotage! Develop communication and assertiveness techniques to engage more powerfully, while getting what you deserve.
  • Influence the Power: Shift your focus from “doing” to “influencing” to get your best results in front of the right people.

Think about the challenges you’re dealing with in your career and bring them on the 28th. Come prepared to learn, share and commit to implementing your own Genius Strategies!