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WCL Breakfast: Peter Wallmark – Don’t Trade Away Your Greatest Strengths

  • Standard Insurance 1100 SW 6th Ave Portland, OR, 97204 United States (map)

"I was convinced the only path to success in a masculine-dominated corporate culture was to think and behave as a man rather than act authentically as a woman... By emulating the male style, women trade away their greatest strengths, which is their own unique and valuable skills and qualities."     - Barbara Annis

Join us as Peter Wallmark leads us through an examination of the work of Barbara Annis, and Gender Intelligence (done best in the presence of both genders). Men and Women are different neurologically and thus function differently in the workplace. For years, women have experienced the “glass ceiling” as something that could be broken through only with blue suits, boldness and emulating the male style, rather than acting authentically. But, it is our differences, that together, make us more powerful. Spend this hour learning how to leverage your strengths.

Women bring unique skills to the workplace such as team work, expansive thinking, seeing different possibilities, building trust and being self-aware and intuitive. Consider how to apply these qualities to your advantage and be successfully heard:

  • Understand how brain differences in genders impact our thoughts and actions in the workplace
  • Adopt a win-win attitude toward influence, challenge and debate
  • Learn how to frame requests to increase the chance of them being well received

Peter Wallmark has been driving strategy, vision and change in large companies for over 35 years. With a passion to share his experience, he retired his senior management post at Nike in 2007 to attend the prestigious Hudson Institute in Santa Barbara, California where he completed his work to become a Certified Executive Coach.  He launched his consulting practice, Peter Wallmark & Associates in 2009, focusing on individual leadership development, career stewardship, team building and change management. He is a creative and insightful coach who thrives on mentoring and coaching people as they progress in their careers.