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WCL Breakfast: Tackling Gender Bias in the Workplace

Women in the workplace have made some incredible advancements, yet gender bias and pay inequality still exist from industries as diverse as Hollywood to High-Tech.

Join us for the first panel discussion in a series that will examine how Portland-area women are creating an equal playing field. Sharon Buckmaster, founder of WCL, will interview tech industry leaders Alyson Crafton, General Manager of Supply Chain at Intel Corporation, and Carmen True, Senior Director of Digital Customer Experience at Hewlett Packard.

The discussion will be focused on:
-How do you change the organization in order to level the playing field for men and women?
-How do you build accountability into the decision-making process (hiring, raises, promotions, etc.)?
-How do you coach men to provide more support and opportunities for women?

Our panelists are women who have broken barriers and built coalitions with both men and women to become successful leaders. Gain insights on how to build business influence in your environment and learn strategies to help you tackle gender bias in the workplace.